Indo-European linguistics and classical philology
Information for authors

Ethical requirements and rules to publications

  1. only original contributions can be submitted;
  2. method of obtaining the data should be described, to be reproduced if necessary
  3. references to the works cited should be given to exclude the possibility of plagiarism or violation of professional ethics;
  4. the present research archive should be accessible, if necessary, for the period of at least two years;
  5. works submitted to other journals are not accepted;
  6. discussion and reviewing of the work is strictly confidential;
  7. no part or data of the work rejected can be used either by reviewers or the journal staff, until the paper has been published;
  8. the reviewers’ conclusions should be based exclusively on the scientific value of the work;
  9. the reviewing is strictly anonymous;
  10. the reviewers’ objections and suggestions should be well grounded, and, if necessary, contain references to literature;
  11. personal criticism of the author is inadmissible and will be regarded as ethics violation;
  12. the reviewing should be completed within the time frame established by the journal;
  13. reviewers’ observations shall be made known to the author;
  14. a decision about the publication of the work proceeds from the scientific and practical value of the research; it should be fair and comply with professional and scientific ethics.

Technical requirements to manuscripts

  1. Papers are accepted as electronic (doc/rtf) or hard/pdf-file copies. Electronic copies should be sent to with INDOEUROPEAN LINGUISTICS in the subject line. Faxed copies are not accepted.
  2. The recommended size of a paper is 10 000 – 20 000 digits. Papers are accepted from March 1 till May 10.
  3. Electronic text requirements. The font size of the main text – 11, the indent – 0.6 cm. The font size of footnotes, tables, abbreviation and literature lists – 10. The width of tables and illustrations should not exceed 11 cm.
  4. Text references should be provided in parenthesis and include: author’s family name, year of publication, page number(s), e.g. (Ivanov, Petrov 1925: 164-165).
  5. The literature list should be provided at the bottom of the paper.
  6. Where unconventional characters are used, these should be appended to the electronic copy.
  7. The material sent for publication also should include:
  8. A list of key words (not more than 15 words)
  9. An abstract in English (≈ 2 000 digits) and Russian (≈ 500 digits)
  10. Information about the author (to be published): full name, academic degree and title, position, place of work/study, e-mail address and

Extended guidelines